Our Cheeses

We produce our cheese in pressed paste with recognizable taste and characteristics.

Our expertise and added value resides in the production of cheeses with raw sheep milk and as well as with a mix of sheep, goat and cow milk.

We produce sheep cheese under the Denomination of Origin “Queso Zamorano” and the Geographical Indication “Queso Castellano” both of which are part of the Quality Seal “Tierra de Sabor”

For our cheeses with Denomination of Origin we use two races of sheep indigenous to the zone: Churra and Castellana. For our Queso Castellano we only use milk from sheep from Castilla y León. Both cheeses outstand for their high quality.


Throughout the whole production process we guarantee the quality and transparence thanks to an comprehensive tracing system starting from the raw materials arrival to the factory to the final product by an APPCC system.