A factory at your disposal

At Quesos Revilla S.L. we offer solutions for any client in the the dairy industry. Our facilities follow all quality standards and offer a second to none production and distribution service with cutting edge technology.  

Our facilities are 11,000 square meters in surface and allow us to produce up to 5,000 tons a year. This translates into a total annual billing of 25 million euros.

Our facilities include a Clean Room where we cut and package our cheeses in order to meet our clients expectations. With the latest factory extension this clean room will multiply its cutting and packaging capacity turning us yet into a more modern and competitive company.

Quesos Revilla - Facilities


We use state of the art technology in the sector based on a constant process of innovation that helps us offer a top quality product at a highly competitive price.

Quesos Revilla

Know How

Our cheese master safeguards and produces a traditional recipe passed down for generations to get the perfect and recognizable taste and texture.

Quesos Revilla


11.000 square meters

Quesos Revilla



tons a year

Quesos Revilla


Our facilities follow all the quality standards of the industry for a top quality production and distribution service.

Quesos Revilla



million euros