During the tough times is one the best of the Human Being shows up.

During the difficult times, like the ones we are living due to the COVID-19 pandemic is when the best actions appear.

In Zamora, a group of volunteers called  Zamora Makers have teamed up to elaborate security masks that are distributed in collaboration with the Guardia Civil among the companies of the zone to protect the workers from COVID-19.

Since Quesos Revilla belongs to the Food Industry, we are committed to keeping working and ensuring there is “food on the shelves” during the COVID-19. We have taken sanitary security measures to protect our workers, but now thanks to Zamora makers we will be even more protected against this virus.

We would like to thank all volunteers of  Zamora Makers, the Guardia  Civil and all other companies that collaborated with them for this altruist act that we are sure will save lives.